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Acne – What you Need to Know

Acne is characterized by a combination of spots and lesions that may, or may not, become infected and create larger cysts. Acne typically occurs on the face and upper torso and is most common in those that have just begun puberty. Because of hormonal fluctuations, this acne can continue throughout the teen years but usually subsides when the person reaches their early twenties.

Acne was misunderstood for long time and, even today, it is difficult to actually pin down the root cause. According to some proactiv reviews, scientists believe that there are many factors that come into play – such as diet, hormones, hereditary and hygiene.

To cure acne, you need to understand the basic mechanics behind it. The skin relies on the sebum produced in the sebaceous glands to keep it properly lubricated. In acne sufferers, these glands go into overdrive and the excess sebum blocks the pores and glands. This then becomes inflamed and this is what causes blackheads and your garden variety pimple. Pores can also be blocked by excess dead skin.

So what causes the cysts? The cysts result when one of these pimples or blackheads get infected. There are several garden variety bacteria that live on our skin and usually these do no harm, if they manage to get into the blocked pores, more inflammation will occur and the pores will become infected. If a sebaceous gland is blocked and this get’s infected, the problem is two-fold – the infection and the fact that the sebum and pus will continue to build-up. This is what leaves the large lesions that can really leave bad scars.

The bacteria are also the reason why it is so vital not to pick at the sores. There are several sources of bacterial infection – your fingernails can harbor millions of bacteria on their own. Your mobile phone is also an ideal breeding ground for bacteria so be sure to wipe it off frequently. If you must touch your face, clean your hands thoroughly first using an anti-bacterial soap.

An acne outbreak can vary in severity and duration from person to person and from one attack to the next. Depending on the severity of your acne, you may want to consult a professional to help you deal with it. If the acne is severe, it is also a good idea to seek counseling – acne can have a very serious effect on someone’s levels of self-confidence and can cause scars in their psyche.